In the mountains of Honduras there is a place called Atuto. Over 20 years ago Holland Millis started the factory with this small village desperately in need of a means to support themselves.  With Holland’s business connections and knowledge and their artistry skills combined, Atuto has grown and become a major producer and exporter of Honduran crafts.
In 2006 I had the pleasure of going there and working with these talented craftsman. We together produced several different lines of decorative hand thrown and then hand painted ceramics.
Working at ATUTO  /
  mountain view from factory
lush foliage view
 Holland off to work
 view of pottery stacks
some  pottery wheels
 pottery wheel
master potter
the clay
 working on tall piece
 some textured work
 some wacky bottle forms
 some classic forms
 group of flattened forms
 rolled on patterns
 mixed group
 painting on base coat
   test piece #2
 first coat of white drying
 Memo taking a break
 pots drying with paint
 some of the painters
 finished  tests #1
finished test #3
finished tests #6
Working in Honduras
 Working at MAGU