In 2002 The non profit group “Aid to Artisans” asked me if I would volunteer my services for several weeks and work with a small village of potters in Honduras. I worked with  a  group of mostly women potters that  produce a traditional black and buff smoked pottery. The purpose of the was to help with a collection that would be sold to markets in the USA .  
Working in Honduras
the magu workshop building
 some local people homes
Magu kilns
 Master Potter
preparing clay
drawing designs
burnishing a pot
straining ash for a resist
applying resist
traditional imagery
Neiborhood  goats
the potters
local pot shop
 village couple
 artisans house
some studio children
Gary drawing on bisqueware
firing large kiln w/wood
barbeque style smoking
before the smoke fire
during smoke fire
after the fire
 smoked ware
cleaned and finished
collection #4
finished collection #1
new design
putting work in a group  
 mixed group
clay shell collection
groups of collections
finished collection #2
group photo
studio children
Working at ATUTO   /  Working at MAGU